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RF (Radio frequency) wireless remote control compatible with specific ADJ products.


The ADJ RFC remote control has easy to use functions and clearly labeled buttons for a fast user response time. It's only compatible with specific ADJ products, please refer to the list. This RFC runs off of radio frequency and can run through built-in programs or even adjust lighting effects on the fly. Easily activate the sound active mode with the dedicated button. 

Adjust the flash rate or set the speed of the auto run with just one click! Add this product to your professional arsenal to assure that you are performing at your peak level. With this remote you can easily focus on making an incredible show. 

Enthusiasts and performers everywhere seek the essential tools this remote offers. Don't pass up on an opportunity to create the best performance possible. Simplicity and quality design are unrivaled with this remote. Get the RFC remote to improve the quality of your show today.



  • Black Out: Turns fixture On/Off 
  • Auto Run: Automatically run through built-in programs 
  • Program Selection: Access units built-in programs 
  • Flash: Strobe effect 
  • Speed: Control speed of Auto Run 
  • Sound Active: Activates sound active mode 
  • RGB Buttons: Adjust RGB colors with the “+” and “-“ buttons 
  • + and – Buttons: Adjust flash rate, speed of the Auto Run and Program Selection 

• Mega Bar RGBA
• WiFLY Par QA5
• WiFLY Par QA5 WH
• WiFLY Bar QA5
• Mega Go Flood Par
• Mega Par Profile System
• Jelly Par Profile System
• COB Cannon Wash
• COB Cannon Wash Pearl
• COB Cannon Wash DW
• COB Cannon  Wash ST
• COB Cannon Wash ST DW


$29.95 Precio
$23.99Precio de oferta
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