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Eliminator Lighting AMBER FOG 700 LED

The Eliminator Lighting Amber Fog 700 LED is a unique fog machine that not only produces a rapid, thick cloud of smoke, but it also has three 1W amber LEDs built in to color the fog, similar to a flame effect as it comes out of the machine. Uses standard water-based fog fluid. Includes remote control. Its compact, lightweight and easy-to-use.

Eliminator Lighting AMBER FOG 700 LED

$91.95 Precio
$69.99Precio de oferta
  • • 700W portable fog machine with amber LEDs

    • 3x 1-Watt Amber LEDs

    • Uses standard water-based fog fluid (sold separately)

    • Fog On/Off switch

    • Amber LED On/Off switch

    • Fog fluid full indicator

    • Includes wired remote control 

    • Includes hanging bracket

    • Includes IEC AC power cord

    • Heating element: 700 watts

    • Heat up time: 3 minutes

    • Smoke production per minute: 2500 cubic feet 

    • Tank capacity: 250 ml

    • Power supply: 120Vac/60Hz

    • Dimensions: 10”x6.25”x5.5” / 250 x 160 x 140mm

    • Weight: 5.5 lbs. / 2.5 kg


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