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ADJ CL-250

Heavy duty steel pro clamp. Wraps around entire truss (2-inches / 50mm). Holds up to 675 lbs. / 300kg.


Professional heavy duty steel clamp that securely wraps around a 2-inch truss pipe. With a maximum weight limit of 675 lbs, the CL-250 is designed for heavier fixtures such as moving heads, scanners, etc. It's 360-dgree wrap helps guard against the scratching of your truss.

ADJ CL-250

$29.95 Precio
$20.00Precio de oferta

  • • Professional heavy duty clamp

    • Securely wraps completely around truss 360-degrees

    • Fits 2-inch / 50mm truss

    • Max weight: 675 lbs. / 300kg.

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