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AM7315/64 is a high power 3-way full-range loudspeaker system comprised of one 380 mm (15 in) Differential Drive low frequency driver, one 200 mm (8 in) CMCD Cone Midrange Compression Driver, and one 38 mm (1.5 in) exit/75 mm (3 in) voice-coil HF compression driver. The multi-band PT Progressive Transition mid-high frequency waveguide provides well-controlled 60 by 40 coverage and is rotatable for cabinet positioning in either horizontal or vertical orientation. High-slope crossovers minimize band overlap and well-controlled off-axis response enhances arrayability. The cabinet is fitted with M10 threaded suspension points. Preengineered array bracketry is available. AM7315/64 is part of JBL's AE Application Engineered Series, a versatile family of loudspeakers for a wide variety of fixed installation applications.



  • 60 x 40 Coverage, rotatable for use in either vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • 2265H Differential Drive Low- Frequency Driver
  • CMCD Cone Midrange Compression Driver provides low midrange distortion, increased sensitivity, extended bandwidth and improved phase coherency.
  • 2432H High-Frequency Compression Driver
  • PT Progressive Transition Waveguide for excellent pattern control with low distortion.
  • Bi-Amp/Tri-Amp Switchable.
  • Optional planar array frame kit (see AE Series Array Guide).

JBL AM7315/64 High Power 3-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker System

    • Frequency Range (-10 dB): 38 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 45 Hz - 18 kHz
    • Coverage Pattern: 60 x 40, rotatable waveguide
    • Directivity Factor (Q): 20
    • Directivity Index (DI): 13 dB
    • Crossover Modes: Tri-amp/Bi-amp switchable
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