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The AW295 is a high power, lightweight, 2-way, full-range loudspeaker system comprised of the JBL Differential Drive dual voice coil and dual magnetic gap 2262H 300 mm (12 in) low-frequency driver and 2432H high-frequency 38 mm (1.5 in) exit, 75 mm (3 in) voice-coil compression driver. The large format Progressive Transition wave-guide provides excellent 90° x 50° coverage. The waveguide is rotatable so the loudspeaker system can used in either the vertical or horizontal orientation. The enclosure is constructed of multilayer glass composite and is heavily braced to maximize lowfrequency performance. The 14-gauge stainless steel grille, backed with open cell foam and stainless steel mesh, provides excellent protection in the harshest environments. The system is equipped with a 400 W 70/100V transformer. A heavy-duty stainless steel U-type mounting bracket is included and allows for easy installation on flat surfaces or in 90° corners. The AW295 is part of JBL’s AE Series, a versatile family of loudspeakers intended for a wide variety of applications.




  • Weather-Resistant, All Fiberglass Enclosure
  • 90° x 50° Coverage
  • 2262H Differential Driver® Low- Frequency Driver
  • 2432H High Frequency Compression Driver
  • Large PT™ Progressive Transition waveguide for excellent pattern control and low distortion
  • Rotatable wave guide for vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Available in Gray and Black finish
  • 400 W, 70/100V Transformer Included
  • U-type Mounting Bracket Included

JBL AW295 High Output 12" 2-way Full-Range 90 x 50 Loudspeaker-GRAY

$4,828.05 Precio
$4,828.00Precio de oferta
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB) 43 Hz – 20 kHz
    Frequency Response (±3 dB) 53 Hz – 18 kHz
    Coverage Pattern 90° x 50°, rotatable waveguide
    Directivity Factor (Q) 12.6
    Directivity Index (DI) 11 dB
    Crossover Frequency 1.3 kHz
    Long-Term System Power Rating (IEC) 500 W (2000 W peak), 100 hrs
    Maximum SPL 126 dB-SPL cont avg (132 dB peak)
    System Sensitivity (1W @ 1m) 98 dB SPL
    70V/100V Transformer Taps 70V: 400 W, 200 W, 100W
    100V: 400W, 200W
    Low Frequency Driver 1 x JBL 2262H 300 mm (12 in) Differential Drive® driver with (3 in) dual
    voice coil
    LFD Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
    LFD Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, within operational band) 96 dB SPL
    High Frequency Driver JBL 2432H, 38 mm (1.5 in) exit compression driver, 75 mm (3 in) voice coil
    HFD Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
    HFD Sensitivity (1W @ 1m) 113 dB SPL
    Waveguide PT-H95HF-1
    Enclosure Hand-Laminated Fiberglass, gray gelcoat (black available)
    Suspension Attachment 2 x M10 for Included U-Bracket, 2 x M6 for aiming stabilization, 1 x M10 on rear for safety.
    Grille Three layer grille assemblies consisting of 14-gauge powder coated stainless steel, backed with open cell foam and stainless steel mesh.
    Input Connector CE-compliant covered barrier strip terminals. Barrier terminals accept up to 5.2 sq mm (10 AWG) wire or max width 9 mm (.375 in) spade lugs.
    Environmental Specifications IP56 per IEC529
    Dimensions (H x W x D in horizontal cabinet orientation) 409 x 732 x 452 mm
    (16.1 x 28.8 x 17.8 in)
    Net Weight 25.2 kg (55.5 lb)
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