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To improve intelligibility, the Model V90, utilises a preset vertical opening angle with a -4º steering angle to accurately cover the listening plane when mounted flat to a vertical surface. This results in a reduction of incoherent reflections from the mounting surface.

An additional advantage of vertical or even recessed mounting is that the Model V90 becomes architecturally unobtrusive.
This loudspeaker is EN 54-24 Compliant for life safety applications.




  • Transport Hubs
  • Places of Worship 
  • Atriums 
  • Shopping Centers 
  • Any reverberant space where high quality speech reproduction is required
  • EN 54-24 Compliant for life safety applications to serve the needs of hospitality, large venue and other markets



JBL IVX-577135 Intellivox V-90 MKII, Special Color] - EN54:24

  • Frequency Range 220 - 10k Hz (+/-3 dB) 120 - 12k Hz (-10 dB)
    Sensitivity (1 W / 4 m) 80 dBSPL
    Maximum SPL (100 W / 4 m) 100 dBSPL
    Coverage Angle Vertical: 30º, Horizontal: 130º, Steering Angle: Vertical -4º, Typical Throw: 15 m
    Rated Impedence (100 W tap) 100 Ω
    Rated Impedence (50 W tap) 200 Ω
    Rated Impedence (25 W tap) 400 Ω
    Rated Noise Power 100 Wrms(100 W tap)
    Rated Noise Voltage 100 Vrms
    Control switches (Tap setting) 100 W / 50 W / 25 W
    Control switches (Highpass filter) HPF active / Flat
    Control switches (Correction EQ) EQ active / Flat
    Pilot tone detection (Indicator) Green LED on front
    Pilot tone detection (Frequency range) 20k - 23k Hz
    Pilot tone detection (Minimum level) 6 Vrms
    Suggested amplifiers JBL 100 V IndustryAmp series
    Material Steel, powder coated
    Mounting Points 4 x M5 left and 4 x M5 right
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 865 x 134 x 92 mm (34.1” x 5.3” x 3.6”)
    Standard Colours (Enclosure and grill) RAL 9007 (grey) or RAL 9010 (white)
    Standard Colours (Speaker baffle) RAL 9011 (black)
    Weight 10 kg (22 lbs)
    Impedance 100 W tap : 100 Ω
    50 W tap : 200 Ω
    25 W tap : 400 Ω
    Maximum SPL (1m) 92 dBSPL (100 W tap / HPF flat / EQ flat)
    89 dBSPL (100 W tap / HPF active / EQ active)
    Drivers 6 x 4” full range
    Transformer Taps 100 W, 50 W, 25 W (100v only)
    Enclosure Steel, powder coated
    Outdoor Capability EN 54-24 Type B (outdoor)
    Colors Enclosure and grill : RAL 9007 (grey), applies to part number 576125 : RAL 9010 (white), applies to part number 577125 : Custom color, applies to part number 577135
    Speaker baffle : RAL 9011 (black), applies to all part numbers
    Optional Accessories Multiple optional accessories available. Please see spec sheet or your local dealer for more info.
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