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VC-Dot 4 is a lightweight string of individually controllable, bright Dots useful in creating customized LED video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility and a minimum of effort. Fully customizable and controllable via the award-winning P3 System Controller™ family and/or DMX512, it is a perfect solution for integrating LED video technology into façades, stage designs, ceilings or any other structure, indoors or out.

Mapping video onto VC-Dots goes quickly and intuitively via the P3 System Controller. No need for complex setups and time-consuming addressing. VC-Dot 4 contains four LEDs and is available in an RGB color mixing version.

How processing works for LED video

  • Creative LED Video element for building and stage integration
  • Customizable pixel-pitch
  • Bright and fully calibrated for optimal consistency


  • Flexible string-based direct-view LED lighting
  • Perfect for façade or stage integration
  • Individually controllable VC-dots
  • Up to 64 VC-dots per string
  • Customizable VC-dot pixel pitch and string length
  • Calibrated brightness and colors for each VC-Dot
  • P3 and RDM/DMX controllable
  • Intuitive mapping and addressing via P3 System Controller family
  • Efficient and long-lasting
  • IP67 rated for permanent outdoor or indoor use
  • Simple infrastructure via VC-Feeder and P3 PowerPort
  • Great number of mounting options using clips, brackets or profiles

Martin Set of 10 VC-Dot 4 Mounting Clips

  • Physical

    • Pixel dimensions: 36 x 30 x 13 mm (1.5 x 1.2 x 0.6 in.)
    • Pixel dimensions with dome: 36 mm x 30 mm x 27 mm (1.5 x 1.2 x 1.1 in.)
    • Weight: 1.8 kg (4.0 lbs.) for 64 Dots, 200 mm (7.9 in.) spacing, with 2 m (6.6 ft.) lead-in cable and connector
    • Maximum number of pixels per string: 64
    • Standard pixel spacing (pitch): 200 mm (7.9 in.)
    • Minimum pixel spacing (pitch): 110 mm (4.3 in.)
    • Maximum pixel spacing (pitch): 2000 mm (78.8 in.)
    • Standard lead-in cable length: 2000 mm (78.8 in.)
    • Maximum lead-in cable length: 5000 mm (196.9 in.)
    • One pixel = one Dot

    Control and Programming

    • Control options: Martin™ P3 System controller and/or DMX
    • Control modes: Calibrated and raw
    • Control resolution: 16-bit (P3) or 8-bit (DMX) control of each color
    • Setting and addressing: P3 System Controller or RDM-compliant controller
    • DMX channels: 3 per RGB Dot, string or group
    • Color and intensity calibration: Dot-level
    • DMX compliance: USITT DMX512-A
    • RDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20


    • Minimum LED lifetime: 50,000 hours (to >70% luminous output)*
    • LED manufacturer: Cree
    • *Figure obtained under manufacturer´s test conditions

    Photometric Data

    • Light source : Four RGB LEDs
    • Viewing angle: 127° x 127°
    • Viewing angle with dome: 180° x 180°
    • Luminous intensity, RGB, calibrated mode: 6 cd
    • Luminous intensity, RGB, raw mode: 7.5 cd
    • Total output, RGB, calibrated mode: 18.8 lm
    • Red output, RGB, calibrated mode: 5.2 lm
    • Green output, RGB, calibrated mode: 12.3 lm
    • Blue output, RGB, calibrated mode: 1.4 lm


    • Dot: Clear polycarbonate, clear silicone filled
    • Diffuser dome: White translucent polycarbonate
    • Mounting clip: White polycarbonate
    • Interconnecting cable: 6 x 20 AWG, black
    • Minimum cable bend radius: 26 mm (1.1 in.)
    • Protection rating: IP67
    • RoHS compliant


    • Orientation: Any


    • Power & data input to VC-Dot string from VC-Feeder™: Custom 8-pin connector, IP67-rated


    • Operating voltage: 15 VDC
    • Power and data converter: Martin VC-Feeder™
    • Peak power consumption (at full intensity, full white): 1.50 W per Dot
    • Typical power consumption (with typical video content): 0.50 W per Dot
    • Figures for typical video content are indicative only and will vary.


    • Cooling: Convection
    • Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 55° C
    • Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): -20° C
    • Peak heat dissipation (calculated, at full intensity, full white): 6.5 BTU/hr.
    • Typical heat dissipation (calculated, with typical video content): 2.5 BTU/hr.
    • Figures for typical video content are indicative only and will vary.


    • EU safety: EN 60950-1
    • EU EMC: EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
    • US safety: ANSI/UL 60950-1
    • US EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A
    • Canadian safety: CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
    • Canadian EMC: ICES-003 Class A
    • Australia/NZ: C-TICK N4241
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