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Our PA, or Public Address category contains a vast amount of different audio components and PA sound equipment. No matter if you are trying to reach a fully crowded stadium, a packed backyard party, or record a band’s live set, we have the gear for you. If you are a DJ who is doing house parties, then a simple, portable PA or pair of powered speakers may be the best option for you. We have all-in-one powered PA systems that break down easily and can be carried with one hand, perfect for a solo artist, DJ, or mobile entertainer. Additionally to all-in-one portable systems, 12” and 15” portable powered speakers are most common and a standard. Other common speaker sizes include 8”, and 10”. PA subs can be 12”, 15”, or 18” in size. The speaker-plus-sub configuration is still fairly portable but offer more power when combined. Passive speakers are also available and work best for auditoriums, Houses of Worship, and any room large room. Passive speakers are a good option for fixed installations where portability isn’t necessary. In most applications, a mixer, passive or digital, and a few microphones, wireless or wired, are necessary.


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