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The FOCUS WASH 400 is a 400W, RGBACL (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan and Lime) LED moving head wash with a 10 to 41 degree motorized zoom, with flicker free operation for TV and film, linear white color temperature control from 2700K - 6500K, and virtual CMY color mixing.


Ideal for live broadcasting and film use, this fixture has flicker free operation, adjustable refresh rates from 900Hz to 25kHz, a quiet fan mode, linear white color temperature control from 2700K - 6500K, as well as, preset white color macros (2700K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K and 6500K). In addition to it’s tunable white feature, the Focus Wash 400 has a virtual CMY color mixing channel which allows users to choose any hue on a color picker.


The FOCUS WASH 400’s unique color engine produces a high CRI of 90+ for bright whites and a CRI R9 of 87.3 to help make red tones more vibrant. The fixture also includes, 16-bit pan / tilt movement, RGBACL color mixing LED engine, variable dimming modes / curves and strobe effects, DMX and RDM (remote device management) protocol support.


The fixture comes standard with locking power In/Out connections, locking 3-pin & 5-pin DMX In/Out sockets, color LCD menu display with 6 button control panel, multiple unit power linking, a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (AC100-240V), USB port to conveniently update firmware, and omega brackets with two hanging points.


$2,399.95 Precio
$1,719.99Precio de oferta

    • 400W RGBACL LED

    • 50,000 Hour Average LED Life*

    *May vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control, and Dimming.



    • Zoom Range: 10° - 41°

    • Field Angle: 19° - 54°

    • Color Temperature: 10,000K

    • 4,600 Total Lumen Fixture Output

    • Lux @ 10': 10,384 lx (965 foot candles), 1.8' diameter

    • CRI: 90+

    • CRI R9: 87.3

    • TM30 Rf: 90.8

    • TM30 Rg: 99.5



    • Individual RGBACL (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, Lime) Control

    • Virtual Color Wheel Control 

    • Virtual CMY Control



    • RGBACL Color Mixing

    • Virtual CMY Color Mixing

    • 10° - 41° degree Motorized Zoom

    • Electronic Strobe and Dimmer

    • Color Temperature Red to Green control via DMX

    • Linear Color Temperature control, 2700K to 10,000K 

    • Preset Color Temperatures (2700K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K and 6500K)



    • 5 DMX Channel Modes: [Basic (17), Standard (22), Extended (24), CMY Standard (18) or CMY Extended (24)]

    • Selectable LED Refresh Rates, 900Hz to 25kHz.

    • Linear Dimming with user selectable Dim Curves, Dim Modes and Dim Speeds

    • 6-button Control Panel and LCD Menu Display

    • USB Firmware Update Port

    • RDM (Remote Device Management)

    • Quiet Fan Mode

    • Locking 3-pin and 5-pin XLR Connector In/Out  

    • IP65 Locking Power Connector In/Out

    • With Wired Digital Communication Network 



    • Length: 10.96" (278.43mm)

    • Width: 8.4" (213.33mm)

    • Vertical Height: (Without Snoot)19.6" (498.1mm)

    • Vertical Height (With Snoot) 22.37" (568.1mm)

    • Weight: 23.5 lbs. (10.7 kg)



    • Multi-voltage: AC 100-240V / 47/63Hz

    • 460W Power Consumption @ 120V

    • 430W Power Consumption @ 240V

    • Multiple Unit Power Linking

    • 5°F to 113°F (-15°C to 45°C) 



    • CE | cETLus (Pending)

    • IP20 

    • dB Rating: 46dB @ 3'



    • Snoot

    • 1x40 Degree Linear Lens

    • 2 Omega Brackets

    • Safety Cable

    • IP65 Locking Power Cable


    Specifications and documentation subject to change without notice.

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