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The AW266 is a high power, lightweight, 2-way, full-range loudspeaker system comprised of the JBL Differential Drive dual voice coil and dual magnetic gap 2262H 300 mm (12 in) low-frequency driver and 2432H high-frequency 38 mm (1.5 in) exit, 75 mm (3 in) voice-coil compression driver. The large format Progressive Transition wave-guide provides excellent 60 x 60 coverage. The loudspeaker system can used in either the vertical or horizontal orientation. The enclosure is constructed of multilayer glass composite and is heavily braced to maximize lowfrequency performance. The 14-gauge stainless steel grille, backed with open cell foam and stainless steel mesh, provides excellent protection in the harshest environments. The system is equipped with a 400 W 70/100V transformer. A heavy-duty stainless steel U-type mounting bracket is included and allows for easy installation on flat surfaces or in 90 corners. The AW266 is part of JBL's AE Series, a versatile family of loudspeakers intended for a wide variety of applications.



  • Weather-Resistant, All Fiberglass Enclosure
  • 60 x 60 Coverage
  • 2262H Differential Driver Low- Frequency Driver
  • 2432H High Frequency Compression Driver
  • Large PT Progressive Transition waveguide for excellent pattern control and low distortion
  • Available in Gray and Black finish
  • 400 W, 70/100V Transformer Included
  • U-type Mounting Bracket Included

JBL AW266 High Output 12" 2-way Full-Range 60 x 60 Loudspeaker-GRAY

$4,828.05 Precio
$4,828.00Precio de oferta
  • Frequency Range (-10dB) 40 Hz – 20 kHz
    Frequency Response (±3 dB) 51 Hz – 18 kHz
    Coverage Pattern 60° x 60° waveguide
    Directivity Factor (Q) 15.8
    Directivity Index (DI) 12 dB
    Crossover Frequency 1.1 kHz
    System Power Rating 500 W (2000 W peak) 100 hrs
    Maximum SPL (1m) 126 dB SPL (132 dB peak)
    System Sensitivity (1w @ 1m) 98 dB
    Transformer Taps 70V: 400 W, 200 W, 100W100V: 400W, 200W
    LF Driver 1 x JBL 2262H 300 mm (12 in) Differential Drive® driver with 75 mm (3 in) dual voice coil
    Nominal LF Driver Impedance 8 ohms
    LFD Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, within operational band) 96 dB SPL
    HF Driver JBL 2432H, 38 mm (1.5 in) exit compression driver, 75 mm (3 in) voice coil
    Nominal HF Driver Impedance 8 ohms
    HFD Sensitivity (1W @ 1m) 113 dB SPL
    Waveguide PT-H66HF-1
    Enclosure Hand-Laminated Fiberglass, gray gelcoat (black available)
    Suspension Attachment 2 x M10 for Included U-Bracket, 2 x M6 for aiming stabilization, 1 x M10 on rear for safety.
    Grille Three layer grille assemblies consisting of 16-gauge powder coated stainless steel, backed with open cell foam and stainless steel mesh.
    Input Connector CE-compliant covered barrier strip terminals. Barrier terminals accept up to 5.2 sq mm (10 AWG) wire or max width 9 mm (.375 in) spade lugs.
    Environmental IP55C per IEC529
    Dimensions (H x W x D in horizontal cabinet orientation) 409 x 732 x 452 mm(16.1 x 28.8 x 17.8 in)
    Net Weight (each) 25.2 kg (55.5 lb)
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