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The Intellivox-DC430 is the second tallest of JBL Professional's fully integrated digitally controlled loudspeaker arrays. It has proven to be a versatile and effective solution for vocal reinforcement within reverberant venues. A single Intellivox-DC430 is capable of covering an area of up to 50 m while maintaining an even sound pressure level. Its array length not only offers long throw capability but also extended control at lower frequencies, making it ideally suited to highly reverberant environments. The seventeen, custom designed, 4” loudspeakers are driven by a sixteen channel class-D amplifier, power for which is provided by a sophisticated switched mode power supply, all of which combine to ensure years of reliable operation. The loudspeakers themselves are arranged in accordance with our patented algorithm.




  • Loudspeaker Array
  • Self Powered
  • Digitally Steerable


JBL IVX-587121 Intellivox-DS430, Amp@Top. Made to Order Call for availability

$22,434.32 Precio
$22,434.00Precio de oferta
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