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The JBLTRIPOD-MA is made from strong, lightweight aluminum, which makes it both easy to transport and set up as well as durable enough to hold up to 150 lbs. Ergonomic lift rings help you to raise and lower your speaker to the desired height, and for added security we've added a locking pin to hold it securely in place. Ergonomic "Z" knobs make adjusting the tripod legs or speaker height simple and comfortable, allowing you to choose the perfect position for your speaker. Designed for use with the following JBL models; JRX200, PRX400, STX800, EON, PRX700, VRX900, PRX800


  • Adjustable height from 4’2” (1270MM) to 6’5” (1956MM)

JBL JBLTRIPOD-MA JBL speaker tripod with manual adjustment from 4' 2" to 6' 5".

$170.94 Precio
$109.00Precio de oferta
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