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The PD6322 Precision Directivity full range, three-way loudspeakers are designed for applications requiring high output sensitivity with excellent pattern control. They can be utilized standalone in demanding music or speech systems where low frequency extension to 40 Hz is required.


  • Two high power 300 mm (12 in) transducers in a compact slot-loaded configuration for low frequency extension to 40 Hz.
  • High power CMCD™ Cone Midrange Compression Driver provides high sensitivity and high continuous SPL capability along with low distortion, extended bandwidth and improved phase coherence.
  • Large format neodymium HF driver provides clear, intelligible high frequency projection.
  • Large PT™ Progressive Transition™ waveguides provide consistent pattern control, low distortion at high SPL levels and smooth frequency response.
  • Rotatable mid and high frequency waveguides allow either horizontal or vertical cabinet orientation.
  • Sophisticated, steep-slope passive mid high crossover network with switchable tri-amp/bi-amp crossover modes.

JBL PD6322/64-H High Output Three-Way FULL-RANGE Loudspeaker with 12" LF, 8" MF

  •   Frequency Range 41 Hz to 17 kHz (-10 dB)
      Frequency Response 49 Hz to 15 kHz ( ± 3 dB)
      Coverage Pattern /43: 40° x 30°
    /64: 60° x 40°
    /66: 60° x 60°
    /95: 90° x 50°
      Crossover Modes Tri-amp / Bi-amp (passive mid-high) switchable
      Passive Crossover 6th order (36 dB/oct) Linkwitz-Riley HP & LP, 1.5 kHz
      Transducer Power Rating (AES) LF: 1600 W (6400 W peak), 2 hrs. 1200 W (4800 W peak), 100 hrs 
    MF: 350 W (1400 W peak), 100 hrs 
    HF: 75 W (300 W peak), 2 hrs
      Long-Term System Power Rating (IEC) LF: 1200 W (4800 W peak) 
    MF/HF: 300 W (1200 W peak), 100 hrs
      Maximum SPL LF: 128 dB SPL (134 dB peak)
    MF: 137 dB SPL (143 dB peak)
    HF: 135 dB SPL (141 dB peak) 
    Passive Mode: 136 dB SPL (142 dB peak)
      System Sensitivity 
    (1W @ 1m)
    Passive Mode: 111 dB-SPL (mid/high section only)
      Low Frequenc